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Bite & Joint Problems

Destruction of the teeth can often be due to problems with how the teeth fit together or how they are positioned in the mouth.

Dr Suri treats many patients for this reason specifically and alleviates problems which have been ongoing for several years.

The mouth is a dynamic functioning system and when the system loses its equilibrium destruction of certain elements of the system will occur. This can involve;

  • Broken and fractured and chipped teeth and fillings
  • Gum inflammation and recession
  • Joint problems i.e. popping, clicking, pain, limited jaw opening
  • Muscle tenderness and pain
  • Jaw posturing
  • Mobile teeth
  • Bone loss
  • Headaches

The equilibrium can be disturbed for a number of reasons;

  • Teeth that have moved
  • New fillings or restorations that have been placed
  • Broken teeth
  • Trauma
  • Extractions

Problems can also be present and occur due to the position of the teeth as they erupt. Teeth don't always erupt in a favourable position and therefore destruction can begin occurring from an early age. This can be alleviated with orthodontic treatment in the teenage years, however problems can reoccur in adulthood because even after braces growth continues and changes occur.

The treatment of such problems begins with taking a very detailed medical and dental history, examination of the mouth and diagnosing the root cause. Once this has been determined, treatment plans to alleviate these problems can be formulated. Stabilising the system will minimise and in many cases prevent future breakdown of the system.

Treatment can range from simple equilibration of the teeth, to treatment involving braces and restorative work.

In cases which involve braces the consultations are with Dr Aulakh and Dr Suri so that we can ensure comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning.

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