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30% Reduction In Veneers At Smile Design Dental Practice


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Dr Aarti Bedi has recently joined Smile Design Dental Practice. She has had training in the UK and USA with regards to aesthetic and restorative dentistry. She has also had extensive training with Dr Suri to ensure that standards of treatment remain consistent throughout the practice. Dr Bedi and Smile Design Dental Practice are pleased to offer a 30 % reduction in smile lift procedures to enable her to build a portfolio of treatment. Laboratories and materials used routinely by Dr Suri will be used by Dr Bedi so that patients will get exactly the same quality of treatment and restoration.

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Patient Testimonial

I have always feared dentists and had problems with my teeth from a very young age. I have seen my fair share of dentists and, I knew I had to confront my fears. I found a local dentist in Aylesbury and on my first appointment they were very rude to me and said my teeth were in terrible condition (which I already knew.) It made me feel really bad. I was then too petrified to start my treatment with them so I never went back. After six months I built up the courage to find another dentist.

Three years ago I found Smile Design Dental Practice I phoned them and spoke to a very friendly receptionist who made me feel at ease. My treatment started with the Hygienist, Carole. She is really lovely and the treatment was all very painless. Then I tarted my dental work with Komal. After a short time my teeth were in good condition. I had a talk with Komal and we decided to take my dental treatment to another level, with a top set of veneers! Komal did a computerised image of how the veneers would look when completed; I was over the moon with the results and couldn’t wait to start.

After the treatment was complete my teeth looked great. I always receive compliments about how gorgeous my teeth look and it has given me so much confidence in my life. I can’t stop smiling! My experience from starto finish wasn’t scary! All of the staff at Smile Design Dental Practice are very professional, really nice, and easy to talk to, and my best interest was always the number one priority. The staff made me feel at ease and it was a real pleasure to go to the surgery, they have all become my friends. I never in a million years thought I would enjoy going to a dentist!

A few years ago I would have never been able to recommend a good and friendly dentist and now I am pleased that I can. My husband, children and my mum have also started going to Smile Design Dental Practice on my recommendation. A dentist appointment is something I now look forward to and I’m pretty sure not many people out there can say that they look forward to visiting their dentist!

Jackie Doherty

  • Receive a fantastic 20% saving on the Smilelift Procedure
  • Average price £1100 per tooth

For more information or to book an appointment contact the practice on: 01296 624163

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Fantastic Smilelift Offer


Smile Design Dental Practice is offering a fantastic summer price on cosmetic procedures

Claire.before-afterReceive a fantastic 20% saving on the smile lift procedure.

Claire.retouchedAverage price £1100 per tooth

For more information or to book an appointment
contact the practice on: 01296 624163

Cosmetic Consultations

Cosmetic Consultations And Digital Imaging

Smile Design Dental Practice are pleased to offer free Cosmetic Consultations and Digital Smile Imaging.

Undergoing Cosmetic Dentistry can be a life changing decision. Here at Smile Design Dental Practice we can offer you the opportunity to see your improved Smile before any treatment is commenced.

Your digitally imaged photos can be taken home to view in your time with family and friends before any decision is made.

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  • Veneers and Lumineers are both made of porcelain
  • Veneers and Lumineers are thin laminates that are fixed over a tooth
  • The preparation for both of them is within enamel
  • Both types of restorations are non reversible
  • Veneers and Lumineers are both made at a laboratory
  • Lumineers are marketed to dentists and the public as veneers that don’t need any removal of the enamel
  • Veneers can also be placed without removal of enamel
  • Removal of enamel allows more varied uses of veneers
  • The final result of treatment is more refined with veneers

In short, Lumineers are a brand of veneers that have been marketed heavily to the public. Cosmetic dentistry is a skill that needs to be acquired by the dentist through study and experience. Treatments need to be tailored to the individual and sometimes a combination of restorations is necessary to create a beautiful smile. For a good result with Lumineers teeth should ideally be straight or only slightly imbricated and there should be no bite problems. Lumineers are extremely thin so colour changes are limited.

Success of any case depends on the skill of the dentist to recognise the needs of the patient and execute the case in the correct way using skilled technicians to fabricate the restorations. If teeth can be improved with as little preparation to the tooth as possible, this is always preferable. Veneers and Lumineers when used in the correct situations will produce great results.


Veneers before and after


Lumineers before and after

Please view Dr Suri’s photo gallery on the main site to see more before and after pictures.

Could you be the face of Smile Design?

Smile Design Dental Practice in Wendover is looking for a model with a difference. It needs someone who doesn’t like their teeth and would benefit from a complete smile makeover worth in excess of £10,000.

Their chosen model will feature in a new book written by Dr Komal Suri and in the dental practice’s publicity material, depicting before, during and after images.

The model will undergo a complete smile makeover with porcelain veneers and whitening and be photographed with sets of slightly different veneers to depict how the shape of teeth can alter a person’s smile.

But at the end of the process they will get a perfect set of pearly white, beautiful and long-lasting veneers which are made specially for their shape of mouth and face…and they’ll take part in a glamorous photo-shoot with images they can then use in a portfolio.

Dr Komal Suri, who is considered one of the leading cosmetic dental surgeons in the country and lectures worldwide on cosmetic dentistry techniques, is sure there will be someone in the county for whom this will be the chance of a lifetime.

“Maybe there’s someone who has always wanted to be a model, but whose appearance is marred by crooked, overcrowded or simply the wrong shaped teeth for their face; possibly there’s a bride who would love to have a smile makeover before her big day; or just someone who is self-conscious about their teeth and would love to change them, but can’t afford to.

If you would like to be considered for the role, please send a headshot of you smiling to: Model Search; Smile Design Dental Practice, 33 High Street, Wendover, Bucks HP22 6DU. Please include your contact information and a brief (no more than 50 words) explanation of why you would like to be chosen.

A small number of applicants will be invited to visit the practice for Dr Suri to check if their teeth are suitable for the proposed work.

Dentistry Awards 2008

Dr Komal Suri of Smile Design Dental Practice has been short-listed for the South East Dentist of The Year award in the prestigious Dentistry Awards 2008.

Dr Suri, who at 33 is one of the youngest ever contenders for the award, has built up her seven year old practice to be one of the major cosmetic dentistry clinics in the south east through her dedication to continuous training with some of the world’s leading dental surgeons in Europe and the UK.

The main focus of her work at Smile Design Dental Practice, in Wendover, Buckinghamshire is complex restorative and aesthetic dentistry.

So highly is she regarded on the international dental scene that she lectures nationally and internationally in restorative and aesthetic dentistry and is a senior instructor for the Aesthetic Advantage Continuum at Guys Dental Hospital, London, where she instructs other dentists in the procedures involved in carrying out treatment with porcelain laminate veneers.

Now in their third successful year The Dentistry Awards, launched by Dentistry Magazine, were created to recognise outstanding individuals who have an active interest in continuing professional development and staying at the top of the dental profession.

The winners will be announced at a black-tie event on December 12th hosted by Olympic gold medallist Kriss Akabussi.