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Assessments and examinations

Welcome to Smile Design Dental practice: Our aim is to create beautiful confident smiles.

Providing general dentistry for all of the family is a core and a vital part of our dental treatments at Smile Design. The maintenance of our patient's oral health is of paramount importance to us and our approach is based on preventative dentistry.

We offer very flexible treatment options and value in the way that we bundle our separate services. Our patients are delighted with our holistic approach and we take great pride and satisfaction from their testimonials. Please do take the time to read them for they say more about our practice than we could ever hope to convey.

New Patients:

When you join our practice we ensure that you feel welcomed, relaxed and comfortable in the knowledge that your dental care is in the hands of skilled, experienced professionals who are caring and dedicated to your oral health.

Normally your examination will be conducted by Dr Himesh Tailor, our Principal Dentist or Dr Komal Suri, our experienced restorative dentist. who in consultation with you will seek to define your aims in the maintenance of your oral health. We think it is vitally important to ensure that our patients feel that they are intimately involved in their dental care and trust us to find the best solutions.

As part of the comprehensive oral examination x-rays are taken to aid diagnosis of problems in areas that are not normally visible.

In the Post examination assessment we discuss with you not only immediate treatments that may be necessary to ensure the maintenance of your oral health but also highlight future potential problems that may arise and offer appropriate advice, we firmly believe that immediate corrective action will mitigate future expensive remedial treatment and you will enjoy a healthy functioning dentition and beautiful smile.

Adults check-ups:

As in normal practices separate Dental Check-ups and hygiene appointments are available to our patients and we recommend that you attend these twice a year. However, we have developed a very innovative approach to preventative dentistry by offering to our patients a combined dental check- up and hygiene appointment which allows for co-diagnosis of oral health and is cheaper than two separate appointments. We have been providing this service for over 7 years and the benefits and cost savings to our patients is only too obvious. Please contact the practice for more details.

Children check-ups:

As with adult appointments children also have the option of choosing separate or combined dental check-up and hygiene appointments. The combined appointments as well as being more cost effective are also more fun. All children have their teeth painted to show areas covered in plaque and are taught tooth brushing techniques to remove plaque. We also check for early onset of juvenile gum disease. X-rays are taken when necessary so that any early decay or development problems can be identified and treated.

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