A stable solution to missing teeth

Missing teeth can seriously undermine your appearance and general wellbeing. Restricting yourself to soft foods and dealing with a smile that you do not like can reduce your quality of life, as well as causing practical issues. Many people resign themselves to putting up with the problems, but having dental implants in Buckinghamshire from Smile Design Dental can help. Dental implants replace the natural tooth roots to offer a secure, long-lasting option for restoring missing teeth that can enhance the appearance and functionality of your mouth.

Dental Implants in BuckinghamshireWhat is involved when I have dental implants in Buckinghamshire?

The first stage when you are considering having dental implants in Buckinghamshire is a complimentary consultation so that we can find out what you would like to achieve and you can ask any questions. We will advise you on estimated costs and likely duration of treatment. If you decide to proceed, then we assess the state of your existing teeth and gums using an examination, x-rays and photographs. Your mouth and jaw need to be healthy so, if necessary, preparatory work is carried out and then the implants are fitted during a minor operation. This involves placing a small metal screw into the jaw under local anaesthetic. The bone and blood vessels mesh around the metal, holding it securely in place. Your dental implants can then be used as a stable base for fixed dentures, crowns or bridges.

Are dental implants right for me?

A healthy mouth is a prerequisite for patients considering this procedure in Buckinghamshire. Dental implants also require a commitment to regular care as the replacement teeth can accumulate a coating in the same way as natural teeth. This means that they require cleaning to avoid the possibility of gum issues or infection in any remaining natural teeth. Just as we encourage all of our patients to carry out regular dental care, you will need to effectively clean your replacements and come for regular hygienist appointments. We are proud to be able to offer our patients in Buckinghamshire dental implants, which many have told us have changed their lives.

Invest in the benefits of dental implants in Buckinghamshire and say goodbye to the problems of missing teeth or unsatisfactory replacements.