Modern day teeth for modern day people

There’s something rather old-fashioned about the idea of dentures. In an age when we can send emails round the world in a flash and robots can make us tea and walk the dog, it’s a bit last century to be wearing false teeth on your gums that have to come out at night. So, it’s no wonder really that in Buckinghamshire, dental implants are such a hit with our patients at Smile Design Dental.

Dental Implants in BuckinghamshireWe love dental implants. In Buckinghamshire, it seems like more and more people are coming in and asking for this very modern way to deal with a problem going back as far as people do. People have always lost teeth, but every one lost makes it harder to eat and speak clearly. The quest for a way of replacing lost teeth with something that works as well as the original has been on since the dawn of dentistry. People have tried putting bits of shell and jade into their empty teeth sockets, and some have been found fused to the bone. But, what made dental implants into the phenomenon they are today was the discovery of titanium as the ultimate implant material back in 1952.

Why titanium is so fantastic

Titanium is the perfect material for making dental implants, or any other implants for that matter. This metal is very light, it doesn’t corrode inside the body and it’s super-strong. All very good qualities, but this last one is what makes titanium almost magical. The body has a finely tuned immune system that reactions to foreign bodies by swelling up and trying to eject them. Think what happens if you get a splinter in your finger, swelling and pus until it comes out.

Not so with titanium. The body greets this metal like a long-lost friend and is so pleased to see it that it grows new bone tissue all over it. In just a few short weeks, your implant becomes fused with your bone tissue, and will be able to take on even the toughest steak or crunchiest roast potato.

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