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Patient Testimonial

I have always feared dentists and had problems with my teeth from a very young age. I have seen my fair share of dentists and, I knew I had to confront my fears. I found a local dentist in Aylesbury and on my first appointment they were very rude to me and said my teeth were in terrible condition (which I already knew.) It made me feel really bad. I was then too petrified to start my treatment with them so I never went back. After six months I built up the courage to find another dentist.

Three years ago I found Smile Design Dental Practice I phoned them and spoke to a very friendly receptionist who made me feel at ease. My treatment started with the Hygienist, Carole. She is really lovely and the treatment was all very painless. Then I tarted my dental work with Komal. After a short time my teeth were in good condition. I had a talk with Komal and we decided to take my dental treatment to another level, with a top set of veneers! Komal did a computerised image of how the veneers would look when completed; I was over the moon with the results and couldn’t wait to start.

After the treatment was complete my teeth looked great. I always receive compliments about how gorgeous my teeth look and it has given me so much confidence in my life. I can’t stop smiling! My experience from starto finish wasn’t scary! All of the staff at Smile Design Dental Practice are very professional, really nice, and easy to talk to, and my best interest was always the number one priority. The staff made me feel at ease and it was a real pleasure to go to the surgery, they have all become my friends. I never in a million years thought I would enjoy going to a dentist!

A few years ago I would have never been able to recommend a good and friendly dentist and now I am pleased that I can. My husband, children and my mum have also started going to Smile Design Dental Practice on my recommendation. A dentist appointment is something I now look forward to and I’m pretty sure not many people out there can say that they look forward to visiting their dentist!

Jackie Doherty

  • Receive a fantastic 20% saving on the Smilelift Procedure
  • Average price £1100 per tooth

For more information or to book an appointment contact the practice on: 01296 624163

– See more at: https://www.smiledesigndental.co.uk/blog/patient-testimonial/#sthash.eujjMYtC.dpuf

Fresh Breath Clinics

This appointment has been designed for anyone who has concerns or is seeking advice on good oral health and oral hygiene.

The ‘Fresh Breath Clinic’ appointment will include:

  • Assessment of your general health
  • Assessment of factors that may contribute towards halitosis(bad breath)
  • Advice and recommendations on your home care routine to promote fresh breath

For more information, or to book an appointment please contact the practice on 01296 624163

Hygiene Polish Clinics

Hygiene Polish

This appointment has been designed for anyone who is concerned about unsightly tartar(calculus) or staining on their teeth or those who wish to have a ‘cosmetic’ scale and polish for a special occasion; a wedding, holiday or just a personal treat.

The Hygiene Polish Appointment Will Include:

  • Assessment of your general health
  • Scaling and/or polishing to remove unsightly tartar (calculus) and staining from the tooth surface
  • Before and after photographs
  • You will also be advised of any concerns identified during our appointment in relation to dental diseases

For more information, or to book an appointment contact the practice on 01296 624163

We Are Now Pleased To Offer Two New Hygiene Clinics At Smile Design Dental Practice


Designed for people who have concerns or are seeking advice on good oral health and hygiene:

Introductory Price £45 for 30 minute appointment


Designed for those who would just like tartar and staining removed from their teeth.

Introductory Price £45 for 30 minute appointment

For more information or to book an appointment contact the practice on 01296 624163

Free Gum Screening And Advice Appointments

Bacteria causing gum disease has been implemented in heart disease, diabetes, premature and low birth weight babies and miscarriage. These are all serious conditions, which should obviously be prevented if possible.

Gum (periodontal) disease often goes undetected and many people don’t realise they are sufferers.

Periodontal Disease usually occurs in individuals that are susceptible to the bacteria, not as is commonly thought, in individuals that don’t look after their teeth. Many people care for their teeth but unfortunately can still develop signs of gum disease.

We understand the gravity of the consequences of this disease and therefore are offering:


During these appointments the gum tissues will be checked advice given on how to treat the problem. You will not be under any obligation to register as a patient at Smile Design Dental Practice.

Please contact the practice on 01296 624163 to make an appointment.

Tooth Brushing Technique

There are many techniques for brushing your teeth, but the main considerations for cleaning teeth effectively are discussed below:

  • Firstly it takes time to clean the teeth, whatever type of toothbrush or method you use, you should spend a minimum of two minutes cleaning the teeth twice a day.
  • Secondly, the toothbrush you use, is largely down to personal choice, powered toothbrushes are very effective, a manual toothbrush should have medium or softer filaments, and you should choose a brush with a relatively small head, this will allow you access to cleaning the very back teeth. The important thing to remember, is that toothbrushes should be replaced regularly, every six to eight weeks is often recommended.
  • Thirdly, the technique to effective toothbrush cleaning. Start by placing the toothbrush filaments against the tooth, where the tooth meets the gum. Have the filaments at a 40- 45 degree angle to the tooth. The toothbrush will be covering 2 or 3 teeth. Start to use a small circular action without dragging the toothbrush over more than 2 or 3 teeth at a time, after 5 seconds move the toothbrush to the next 2-3 teeth and repeat the process. This method of tooth brushing is often referred to as the mini scrub technique, and will help to keep the gums healthy as well as the teeth clean, When you have cleaned the outside and inside surfaces of the teeth, you can then proceed to move the brush along the top biting surfaces of the teeth.
  • You also need to bear in mind that tooth brushing alone does not guarantee thorough cleaning. Tooth brushing should be followed by flossing in between the teeth.
  • I would recommend that if you are unsure as to how effective your tooth brushing is, you should seek more specific advice from your Dentist or Hygienist.