Claire Field

Claire was very self -conscious about the gaps in her teeth and the black lines around the crowns on the front two teeth. She wanted to know what dental options were available to transform her smile.
Claire wanted to be able to smile with confidence and not be embarrassed to show her teeth. She wanted a long term solution.
After discussion of the two options available to Claire; bonding or veneers, she decided to have veneers and two new crowns on the front teeth. In total eight of the top teeth were treated.

The difficulty in this treatment was to make sure the crowns on the front teeth matched the veneers on the adjacent teeth. This was crucial in achieving a natural smile.

The front two teeth had metal posts in them which were causing the black line at the top of her crowns. In order to mask the colour of the grey metal posts and to match the crowns with the adjacent teeth a special type of crown called the Capteck crown was used.

This crown has a very thin gold and platinum substructure with fused porcelain to the outer surfaces. The yellow hue of the gold matches that of natural tooth structure and masks the grey metal extremely well.

The same porcelain that was used for the veneers was also used to fuse to the gold substructure to ensure a good match between adjacent teeth.

The entire treatment from start to finish took place over a period of 6 weeks.

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