David A Butterfield

  Having spent 46 years in the Dental Industry, completing training and education, and achieving the highest levels of sales, marketing and product development, working together with some of the most respected world renowned clinicians such as Peter Kay Thomas, Peter Dawson, Mario Martignoni, Sverker Toreskog amongst many others.

I believe it an absolute necessity to let those individuals in the hierarchy of the dental profession to make a distinct recognition of a new shining star.

After spending precious time in the surgery of Dr Komal Suri, I was witness to the most professional, patient/dentist relationship together with a clinical acceptance that is exceptional to say the least.

Professional competence at its highest level. Communication at total ease. It is a privilege to see dental transformations and beautiful smiles with her patients who have had the good fortune of finding this caring and understanding dentist.

Should any member of my family, friends or colleagues require dental treatment, I would have no hesitation in introducing them to Dr Komal Suri. She is a dentist offering treatments that make a real difference.

David A Butterfield
Chairman, Optident Limited