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Fixed Adult Braces Aylesbury

Fixed Braces Aylesbury

Adult conventional braces are either tooth coloured ceramic or metal brackets that are stuck onto the front surfaces of the teeth and therefore cannot be removed. A white or thin metal wire is used in between the brackets for the movement of the teeth.

Fixed appliances are traditional types of braces and have been used to straighten teeth for many years. The new brackets have evolved to be smaller, less obtrusive, and the tooth coloured ones are highly aesthetic.

Fixed braces are suitable for all types of tooth movements and will work for cases where Invisalign doesn't.

Treatment length approximately 18 months

Appointment intervals are six to eight weeks.

Benefits of fixed braces over Invisalign are:

  • The movements are more precise
  • The movements can be controlled to a greater degree by the orthodontist
  • They rely less on patient will power to keep them in as they are stuck to the teeth
  • Refinements can be carried out throughout the treatment rather than waiting until the end.

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