Jim Marsh

I presented Komal with a number of significant problems. I had lostteeth over the years through significant and progressive bone loss inmy upper and lower jaws.

I had put off treatment from a sense of dreadabout the probable outcome, and ignorance of the treatments available.

I was avoiding what I imagined would be a long and difficult processof managing inevitable decline in the look and function of my teeth.

My outlook changed very quickly as Komal described the optionsavailable. I wanted treatment that created a long-term stable andattractive result. I equally did not want to start a process ofpiecemeal fixes and repairs.

Komal developed and delivered a treatmentplan that has transformed the function and appearance of my teeth.

There were to be no temporary fixes, but improvements at every stageresulting in a major transformation and long-term solution. I used toworry about my teeth constantly, but now I am able to be relaxed andconfident in any situation.

Komal's solution involved 6 implants to be placed in my upper jaw and an implant retained bridge, and fixed implants in my lower jaw with a fixed bridge.

Theprocess was planned and managed so that at no time was my appearance,speech or ability to eat impacted. There was constant attention toavoiding pain during procedures, and I knew that I could contact Komalat any time to discuss the plan or to address any issues.

Anunexpected outcome for me has been increased support to my upper lipand face, resulting in a more pleasing appearance, but this had alwaysbeen a significant factor in Komal's recommended approach.

This istestimony not only to Komal's skill and professionalism but also toher sensitivity to my anxieties about appearance and speech duringtreatment. I am so grateful to Komal for all that she has done for me.

Jim Marsh

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