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Incognito hidden braces (Lingual)

Incognito braces are the most advanced form of Lingual appliances. They are fixed braces applied to the back the teeth. This ensures that the braces can't be seen and also that the lip shape is not affected by the braces.

Dr Decker has the special training needed to apply these types of braces. He is the clinical advisor for Europe in these techniques.

The Incognito system is more advanced than the other types of braces because

  • The brackets have a fully customized fit on each tooth surface
  • A completely digital workflow so that treatment is preplanned and creates maximum efficiency and accuracy in the end result
  • The braces are not visible
  • Decreased decalcification risk (less chance of decay)
  • Movements can be achieved faster than other brace systems so treatment times are reduced.
  • The incognito system that we use has been designed for patient comfort, which means less irritation to the tongue and less