Luiza Paphitis

Luiza had old veneers on her front teeth and she didn't like their appearance. Her other concern was the fact that she had a 'gummy smile' (over exposed gums)
Luiza wanted to have a full, broad, white healthy smile. She wanted her teeth to be uniform in colour and wanted the gum exposure minimised.

Treatment carried out

Luiza had small teeth and in order reduce the amount of gum showing in her smile she had a 'crown lengthening procedure'. In this procedure reshaping the gums and bone around the teeth raises the gum line. The gums needed twelve weeks to mature before the teeth were prepared for new veneers.

To ensure that there was no pain and discomfort after the procedure, temporary veneers were placed on the upper teeth to cover the new exposed tooth surface.
The upper and lower teeth were treated so that the bite and function was addressed and a uniform colour and correct proportion could be achieved.

The old veneers, old metal fillings and any areas of decay were removed. This ensured that her new smile was built on sound foundations. Addressing the bite and health of the teeth ensures longevity of the new restorations.

The final appearance of the veneers was discussed to ensure that Luiza achieved the smile that she wanted.

The new restorations were fitted after three weeks in two sessions creating a smile which was beautiful, white, broad, healthy and exactly what Luiza had imagined before embarking on this journey.

The entire treatment from start to finish took place over a period of four months.

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