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Oral Cancer Screening

How a visit to Smile Design could save your life!

Smile Design is very proud to be one of the few dental practices in the UK to offer Velscope mouth cancer screening service to our patients.

The Velscope is a detection device that uses fluorescent blue light to detect cancer and pre-cancer tissue that may not be visible to the naked eye. It alerts the clinician to consider referral to an oral surgeon long before any signs or symptoms appear thus enabling the earliest diagnosis of a possible mouth cancer to be made.

At Smile Design Dental practice we carry out a thorough and comprehensive examination of all the soft tissues of the mouth for cancer screening at every Dental Examination and Dental Hygiene Appointment.

The chain of survival and how it helped save my life. – One of Smile Design's patient's tells their story…

..... I went to Smile Design Dental Practice with a swelling in my mouth. On investigation Dr Komal Suri found a swelling in my gum which she examined with an instrument called the Velscope. She advised me to see a specialist at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, which she arranged within 3 days and a biopsy was taken. It took some time to identify the type of cancer it was. This was due to the fact that it turned out to be a rare cancer, of which I was one of only 16 known cases in the world. I was then transferred to the haematology department at Stoke Mandeville Hospital for a long and aggressive treatment, which included stem-cell therapy. Now seven years on I am still here and in remission. If Komal had not acted so quickly in arranging for me to see a specialist it may well have been a very different outcome. I see Komal and the hygienist every 6 months and she always checks my mouth with a strange blue light (Velscope) which can pick up pre-cancerous cells. Even though I worry about what the light will pick up, so far it has been OK, the result is instantaneous.

If it picks up something on you, it will be in the very early stage and will give you the best chance of fighting it. Look upon the blue light as the first step in the chain of survival- your survival.

From a very grateful Fred Martin
(Enjoying life)

Early Detection is Vital

Oral cancer does not have favourable outcomes. Early detection significantly improves the survival rate. At Smile Design oral cancer screening is an important and integral part of the routine dental examination and for this reason we advise our patients to attend regular checkups.


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