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The global microscope is one of the best products in its range on the market. Magnification has its obvious benefits to treatment and with up to 1.8 magnification we are able to visualise so much more and this ensures that treatment s are as closely inspected as possible.

Kodak 9000 OPT /3D scanner

The Kodak 9000 was installed in 2010. It is a machine that uses the most up to date technology in dental x-ray imagery. The Machine is used for taking x-rays of the lower third of the head and replaces the need for CT scans with its 3D technology. The machine is completely digital, which again lowers x-ray dosage and provides instantaneous images.

By piecing together hundreds of views taken in less than 30 seconds a 3D image of the jaws can be imaged. This is a much lower x-ray dose than a normal CT scan and therefore is much lower risk.


The handheld Nomad is used for taking digital intra oral x-rays.

This is an award winning brand of portable x-ray units and allows the dentist to take necessary x-rays quickly and easily and also produce an instantaneous image.

It has internal radiation screening and a collimated beam which ensures safety to the operator and patient

When the x-ray is ready to be taken the yellow button "enable" needs to be pressed, from then on the Nomad will continuously beep until the x-ray has been taken.


In order to make sure that out examinations are thorough and don't rely purely on the naked eye, our Velscope machine allows us to detect early signs of oral cancer.

The Velscope machine shows up cancerous and pre- cancerous areas in the mouth as a different colour to the rest of the oral tissues. This test is carried out at every examination appointment for adults and children so that we may be as vigilant as possible.

Early detection of oral cancer can save lives.


We are the only dental practice in Buckinghamshire to have this technology and only a handful of dental practices in the UK have an Itero machine.

The scanning technology replaces the need for impressions to be taken during dental procedures. The resulting image is accurate up to 15 microns and is always accessible should the laboratory technician need another dental model.

This technology has been available in The USA for some time and is widely used there.