Richard wanted to know what could be done regarding the discolouration and wear on his teeth.

He was aware that the teeth were wearing down and the gums were shrinking back. Richard had taken Tetracycline (an antibiotic) as a child and this caused the discolouration to his teeth.
Richard wanted to have natural but healthy teeth. He did not want the 'Hollywood' smile. He still wanted to look and feel like himself and didn't want the new restorations to be the first thing people noticed when they looked at him

The wear and gum recession was due to the positioning of his teeth and the pressure exerted on them during biting and chewing. In order that this wouldn't happen to the new restorations the bite was analysed and corrected. This ensured that all of the new restorations placed would be predictable and have a long life span.

All the teeth in the mouth were treated. The old fillings and any decay were removed and the teeth were shaped for the new restorations. Richard received 28 porcelain restorations
A great deal of communication between Dr Suri, the laboratory technician and Richard took place. One of the most important factors for Richard was that the teeth looked natural.

Using Tony Byrne, one of the best ceramic technicians in the country, Richard was able to achieve the final aesthetics that he wanted.

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