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Bespoke Smile Design Service

Dr Komal Suri has had extensive training in the USA and Europe with regards to cosmetic and restorative dentistry techniques. She is the first and only female Dentist in the country to have graduated from the 'Kois Centre' in Seattle, USA. The centre delivers postgraduate restorative programmes attended by dentists from all over the world- even specialists from the UK. Dr. Suri's training at the 'Kois Centre' has armed her with knowledge and skills to be able to practice advanced dentistry. This is evident across the board of the treatments that she provides at Smile Dental Practice and the postgraduate teaching programmes in which she participates.

This Smile Makeover involved the following treatment to achieve this smile:

  • Invisalign
  • Removal of old poorly executed veneers
  • Enlighten teeth whitening
  • New composite veneers
  • Composite bonding

Restorative and cosmetic dentistry are the areas of dentistry that requires a great deal of communication with the patient and laboratory in order to create a successful outcome. As well as creating a technically excellent restoration the resulting smile also has to be aesthetically excellent and reflect the desire of the patient for the ultimate and unique smile.

In the pursuit of the achievement of this ultimate unique smile Dr Suri has developed a 'communication tool' as presented in her book 'Creating Smiles' aiding dentists to provide bespoke smile design services.

Many patients think that when they visit their dentist for restorative treatment they don't have a choice in the smile achieved at the end of the treatment.

At Smile Design Dental Practice we offer you a choice.

Veneers and crowns vary drastically in shape, colour, texture, and characteristics and even material. As well as taking the afore mentioned items into account Dr Suri also looks at the shape of the face, fullness of the lips and lower face height when treatment planning because external factors also impact on how a smile will look.

Each of these items is discussed in detail and examples of fabricated veneers are shown demonstrating the different textures, shapes and colours available.

Once detailed discussion has taken place, using the parameters agreed with the patient a computerised image of the resulting smile can be provided and changed if necessary to take on board the patient's wishes so that a preview of the potential end result can be seen.

One of the most important variables in the creation of a truly beautiful smile is the laboratory used in the fabrication of materials. Dr. Suri uses a small selection of laboratories to fabricate the veneers and crowns. She has worked with each of these highly skilled technicians for many years.

Each technician has their own artistic bias and therefore each is chosen based on the 'final look' required by the patient. If excellence is to be achieved in the creation of a bespoke smile then the importance of the artistry of the participating technician cannot be underestimated in the outcome.

Dr. Suri has built up close working relationships with her laboratory technicians and in this way she ensures that all of her patients get the result that they want in achieving a unique smile specially tailored for them.

The patient pathway describes the journey through the treatment

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