Replacement teeth with permanent benefits

In the friendly environment of Smile Design Dental in Buckinghamshire, dental implants are used to improve a wide variety of tooth loss problems. Whether you’ve lost a whole set of teeth over many years, or just a single one in a sporting accident, implant dentistry will provide an effective and long-lasting solution.

You might already be wearing removable dentures, in which case we can use implants to stabilise them, which will remove the need for messy adhesives and bothersome cleaning procedures. Your custom-made new teeth will function just like natural ones, and they could last for the rest of your life.

Dental Implants in BuckinghamshireThe problems caused by missing teeth

Having a gap in your smile can make you want to hide your mouth in photos, or keep it covered up when laughing out loud. These kinds of worries about your appearance can prevent you from properly enjoying your social life.

The loss of several teeth can lead to bone deterioration. A weakened jawbone is more fragile, and you may develop a sunken appearance as the underlying structure of your face is altered.

Mealtimes can be daunting. It can be difficult to process food properly, and tricky to keep the remaining teeth clean. When you have dental implants in Buckinghamshire, these problems will no longer be a concern. Your appearance will be improved while your dental function is enhanced.

The stages of treatment

Firstly, the dental team will get to know your oral health history. We’ll make sure your teeth and oral tissues are healthy enough to receive the implants. Some preliminary work might be needed to achieve this. We’ll take some detailed images of your mouth, so that the treatment can be precisely customised to your particular needs.

After this comes the minor surgical procedure, in which the dentist will place small metal posts into your jawbone. A period of healing will follow, before you return to the practice to have your new teeth affixed to the implants.

Bright future

Your jawbone will form a strong bond with the implants, allowing you to enjoy your food, smile, and talk like you used to. Having dental implants in Buckinghamshire can significantly improve your quality of life.

Do you long for a full set of teeth?

Are missing teeth causing you problems? Do you have to restrict yourself to soft foods or find that the way you speak has changed? Perhaps your heart sinks when you look in the mirror and you worry about social interactions or having your photograph taken. If this sounds like you, then Smile Design Dental can help. We have many years of experience in fitting dental implants in Buckinghamshire so can advise you about every aspect of treatment, from whether it is suitable to caring for your implants.

What is involved in treatment?

Dental Implants in BuckinghamshireThe first stage is a consultation to find out what you want to achieve and assess the state of your existing teeth and gums. Your mouth and jaw need to be healthy so, if necessary, preparatory work is carried out and then the implants are fitted during a minor operation. This involves placing a small metal screw into the jaw under local anaesthetic. The bone and blood vessels mesh around the metal, holding it securely in place. Your dental implants can then be used as a stable base for fixed dentures, crowns or bridges. All that is left for you to do is relish your favourite food again, smile with confidence and enjoy living life to the full. For our patients in Buckinghamshire, dental implants have proved to be a long-term investment in their health and appearance.

Can I have dental implants in Buckinghamshire?

Patients considering dental implants in Buckinghamshire often ask whether the treatment is suitable for them. We need to take factors such as jaw bone density and the general condition of your mouth before treatment starts. You also need to be committed to keeping your implants clean and your gums healthy, just as you would with natural teeth. Some people are very nervous about operations and in this case, we can offer sedation if necessary so that your anxiety does not have to be a barrier to benefitting from dental implants.

We are proud to be able to offer our patients in Buckinghamshire dental implants. Become one of the hundreds of people who have said hello to the advantages of dental implants and goodbye to the problems of missing teeth.

What are dental implants?

Finding an effective way to replace lost teeth is an age old problem and dental implants are proving to be an effective long-term way of replacing a missing tooth or teeth.

dental-implants-in-BuckinghamshireAn engineered titanium screw is implanted directly into the jawbone in place of the root of the missing tooth. Titanium has a unique ability to become fused with the living bone and eventually becomes securely fixed into the jaw.  Once the implant is fully integrated, a special fitting on this screw enables the dentist to fit a single crown, or several replacement teeth. Here at Smile Design Dental in Buckinghamshire, dental implants are also used to fix a bridge or even dentures in place.

When we lose teeth the jawbone naturally begins to shrink due to the lack of stimulation from the normal biting and chewing processes. Having dental implants overcomes this problem and helps to maintain the strength and structure of the jaw. Because they look and feel just like our natural teeth, dental implants also resolve a number of problems that wearers of dentures or bridges often struggle with, such as being unable to eat certain foods or being able to speak and laugh with confidence. At our practice in Buckinghamshire, dental implants are one of the ways that we can restore and maintain your smile.

Keeping up appearances

Dental implants can help to maintain the overall health of any remaining teeth, a single implant between two healthy teeth will keep them in their correct position in the jaw. Dental implants are fitted in a minor surgical procedure and this can often be carried out at the same time as a tooth is being extracted. Once in place, it is sometimes possible to attach the crown or replace a bridge or dentures but it is more usual to wait for a few months to allow the bone to fully heal around the implant. Dental implants may not be suitable for everyone, but if you are looking for dental implants in Buckinghamshire, come and talk to us and find out more. Our dentists will give you plenty of advice and can answer all your questions about this treatment.

Transform your smile forever

Missing individual teeth and missing whole sets of teeth can be a real problem in everyday life. It can seriously affect simply everyday activities and make you miserable. Eating can become a chore, having to avoid certain sticky, tough or chewy foods for fear of losing dentures of getting food stuck in hard to reach places. Missing teeth can affect speech, causing a whistling or lisp effect, or other problems with clarity of speech. Additionally, having missing teeth can really affect what you look like, and therefore your confidence in yourself. Is it time that you took steps to solve the problem and get back to being yourself?

If you live in Buckinghamshire, dental implants at Smile Design Dental could be a truly life changing treatment.

dental-implants-BuckinghamshireWe are with you every step of the way

Having dental implants in Buckinghamshire is a significant undertaking that is not to be taken lightly. However, our dental staff team at Smile Design Dental have years of extensive experience of all types of cases. We endeavour to remain at the top of our game by undertaking ongoing research and continuously training our staff at a postgraduate level to keep them challenged and informed.

We also understand that a visit to the dentist can be a nerve-wracking experience for some. Our very friendly reception team is trained to make you feel comfortable and aware of the process at every stage of treatment. You will always be able to ask us questions if you are uncertain of anything, and we will happily provide comprehensive answers.

What does treatment involve?

After an initial consultation to ensure that dental implants are right for you, we will be ready to start treatment. This involves implanting tiny titanium screws into your jawbone and leaving them to fuse naturally with your bone tissue. We are then able to attach replacement teeth or bridges which look, feel and function just like natural teeth.

If you are looking for more information on dental implants in Buckinghamshire, please contact the friendly team at Smile Design Dental today to get booked in.

30% Reduction In Veneers At Smile Design Dental Practice


Claire.before Claire.after_side

Dr Aarti Bedi has recently joined Smile Design Dental Practice. She has had training in the UK and USA with regards to aesthetic and restorative dentistry. She has also had extensive training with Dr Suri to ensure that standards of treatment remain consistent throughout the practice. Dr Bedi and Smile Design Dental Practice are pleased to offer a 30 % reduction in smile lift procedures to enable her to build a portfolio of treatment. Laboratories and materials used routinely by Dr Suri will be used by Dr Bedi so that patients will get exactly the same quality of treatment and restoration.

on01296 624163

Patient Testimonial

I have always feared dentists and had problems with my teeth from a very young age. I have seen my fair share of dentists and, I knew I had to confront my fears. I found a local dentist in Aylesbury and on my first appointment they were very rude to me and said my teeth were in terrible condition (which I already knew.) It made me feel really bad. I was then too petrified to start my treatment with them so I never went back. After six months I built up the courage to find another dentist.

Three years ago I found Smile Design Dental Practice I phoned them and spoke to a very friendly receptionist who made me feel at ease. My treatment started with the Hygienist, Carole. She is really lovely and the treatment was all very painless. Then I tarted my dental work with Komal. After a short time my teeth were in good condition. I had a talk with Komal and we decided to take my dental treatment to another level, with a top set of veneers! Komal did a computerised image of how the veneers would look when completed; I was over the moon with the results and couldn’t wait to start.

After the treatment was complete my teeth looked great. I always receive compliments about how gorgeous my teeth look and it has given me so much confidence in my life. I can’t stop smiling! My experience from starto finish wasn’t scary! All of the staff at Smile Design Dental Practice are very professional, really nice, and easy to talk to, and my best interest was always the number one priority. The staff made me feel at ease and it was a real pleasure to go to the surgery, they have all become my friends. I never in a million years thought I would enjoy going to a dentist!

A few years ago I would have never been able to recommend a good and friendly dentist and now I am pleased that I can. My husband, children and my mum have also started going to Smile Design Dental Practice on my recommendation. A dentist appointment is something I now look forward to and I’m pretty sure not many people out there can say that they look forward to visiting their dentist!

Jackie Doherty

  • Receive a fantastic 20% saving on the Smilelift Procedure
  • Average price £1100 per tooth

For more information or to book an appointment contact the practice on: 01296 624163

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Smile Design Dental Practice Offers

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Available for a Limited time Only!

Summer Smiles Home Whitening Kit £95 (usually £250)

Dual Whitening Kit £230 (usually £700)
(In-Surgery and Home Whitening Kit)

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Overcrowded teeth

occur when there is simply a lack of room within your jaw for all of your teeth to fit normally. When left untreated, overly crowded teeth can cause an increased chance of gum disease as your teeth are harder to clean and can prevent the normal function of teeth.

Widely spaced teeth

occur when you have extra space within your jaw. This could be due to small sized teeth, abnormal growth of jaw bones, genetics, missing teeth and/or tongue protrusion. When teeth are missing, this can also be caused by the other teeth shifting due to extra space. Spacing issues can cause some perio-dontal diseases including gingivitis and periodontitis, that, left untreated, can lead to tooth loss.


occur when the upper and lower jaws are both misaligned. It usually causes one or more upper teeth to bite on the inside of the lower teeth, and can happen on both the front and/or the sides of the mouth. This issue can cause wear of the teeth, gum disease and bone loss.


occur when the upper teeth overlap significantly with the lower teeth. It’s typically caused by either genetics, bad oral habits, or over development of the bone that supports the teeth. This issue can lead to gum problems or irritation, and/or wear on the lower teeth and can cause painful jaw and joint problems.


occur when the lower teeth protrude past the front teeth, usually caused by undergrowth of the upper jaw, overgrowth of the lower jaw, or both. It can also be caused by missing upper teeth. This issue can prevent the normal function of front teeth or molars which can lead to tooth wear. It can also cause painful jaw and joint problems.

And of course, there are other considerations when making the decision to straighten your teeth. Think about how Invisalign can fit in your life by providing a virtually invisible option to getting the smile you want.

For more information or to book an appointment please contact the practice on 01296 624163

Fantastic Smilelift Offer


Smile Design Dental Practice is offering a fantastic summer price on cosmetic procedures

Claire.before-afterReceive a fantastic 20% saving on the smile lift procedure.

Claire.retouchedAverage price £1100 per tooth

For more information or to book an appointment
contact the practice on: 01296 624163

Orthodontic Treatment At Smile Design Dental Practice

Raman Image Blog

Smile Design Dental Practice are Very Pleased To Announce That Dr Raman Aulakh, Specialist in Orthodontics is: Joining Our Team

Dr Raman S Aulakh

Dr Raman Aulakh is a specialist in orthodontics. He qualified from Birmingham Dental School in 1998. He has taken and passed examinations with the Royal College of Surgeons and holds a certificate and MSc in orthodontics from the Royal College of Aarhus, Denmark.

Dr Aulakh has his own practice in Denham, Middlesex, a branch of The Beauty Society Group and works at the Ealing and High Wycombe branches of the same dental group. He is the resident specialist in Orthodontics at Smile Design Dental Practice.

As well as the numerous practising commitments, Dr Aulakh is a post graduate lecturer at King’s College and a visiting lecturer at the University of Aarhus Orthodontic department and a clinical orthodontist therapist trainer at Warwick University. Dr Aulakh has written and contributed to numerous publications and orthodontic literature.

Dr Aulakh is currently working towards a diploma in Aesthetic Medicine with the University of Greenwich.

For more information, or to book an appointment with Dr Aulakh please contact the practice on: 01296 624163